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Why have a coach and more usefull info

Why have a coach?


Having a coach is a significant step beyond following a ‘one size fits all’ training plan that you found on the internet, it will give you:

  • Confidence: A coach is there to recognise your potential (even when you don’t!) and help get the best out of you as an athlete.
  • Focus: A coach can help to plan a training programme to meet the specific demands and goals of your chosen event(s). By identifying your individual strengths and weaknesses, the programme can be tailored to help you develop your strengths and address any weaknesses.
  • Efficiency: A coached training programme is the most effective way to use your limited training time. You don't need endless training hours to improve; a coach can help you to train efficiently in the time you have available.
  • Motivation: For some people, having a coach helps with motivation, as having an external eye on your performance means you will complete sessions that you may have skipped otherwise.
  • Support: A coach can help you deal with problems, injury, illness and other issues that may hold you back.
  • Expertise: You may not have the time to spend hours reading about the theory of athletic performance, aerodynamics, bike physics etc and how to employ this for your best advantage. A coach is there to be the expert so you don’t have to be and can focus on your training and the rest of your life.

The provided training programme is planned to work around your needs, work/education and family commitments and training time available per week. You can get in contact whenever you want via email, text, messenger or phone. You get feedback on your daily training with everything you need to support you and help you reach your goals. We also provide technical advice and support where required.

How much does it cost?

Coaching packages start from £50 per month, with a three-month minimum coaching period, plus a £30 start-up fee to cover the initial consultation and setting up of your account. There is no contract after that period, but we do ask that you give us 1 months’ notice of termination.

What do you need?


Primarily, commitment to achieving your goal. But on top of that there are a few essentials:

  1. A roadworthy bike
  2. A bike computer that records heartrate, distance, and cadence and then uploads it to your computer is essential. Something like a Garmin or Wahoo.
  3. A turbo trainer to use when the weather is too bad to ride on the roads. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy.
  4. Potentially a power meter – see notes below


We need to measure and quantify the you put into your training. This may be with a heartrate monitor or a power meter.   In recent years power meters have become much more accessible to individual athletes.  For around £300 anyone can now have access to their output power on the bike in real time and analyse this data afterwards. Power meters are probably the single most useful tool available that will help you improve your performance, both by training more effectively and by pacing your races (especially time trials and triathlon bike legs) more effectively. If you don't have a power meter, we will work with heart rate, speed and perceived exertion to guide your training, although all of these are subject to variations that make pacing more difficult.

For Triathletes/dualthletes

We are experienced at tailoring the training for the bike leg of your event to fit in with the rest of the training you are doing. The total volume of training, as well as the amount of swim, bike and run training individually, can be monitored in Training Peaks so that we can keep on top of all aspects of your event. We treat the bike leg of an event in similar way to a time trial or road race, and the training and tactics can be applied similarly.

Frequently triathlon coaches are from a running or swimming background and additional focus on the cycling side (from a training and technical point of view) is generally beneficial. Remember, you spend either almost half, or more than half, of your time on the bike during a triathlon or duathlon, so the gains in your overall time are highly significant and easily achieved with a cycling specific coach.


How do you track my training plan progress?

We use Training Peaks to set your training and monitor your progress. Basic Training Peaks accounts are free, we will set one up for you and send you a link. You can upgrade to a premium account if you want to make use of the advanced functions. You will receive your planned sessions on Training Peaks and via an email.  You can also read the sessions and look at your performance via your mobile phone. If life gets in the way and you need to change something just let us know and we can adjust the plan accordingly.


What happens when I sign up?

The first step is to fill in an information form which covers your current training, strengths and weaknesses, goals for the future and information about your existing lifestyle and non-cycling commitments. We will then schedule an initial consultation will include discussion of cycling goals, around which we can then build your training plan.

Once everything is in place, the scheduled workouts will appear in your Training Peaks calendar and you will receive a daily email setting out your session for that day. You will need to download the session onto your bike computer prior to commencing the session. It’s probably best to set aside a regular time slot each week to download all the sessions for the week at one go. Once you have completed a session it should upload back into training peaks. You get a green light in the calendar when you complete the session as scheduled.  We do ask that you do not move or delete any sessions from your plan – we need to be able to see any sessions that don’t quite go to plan or that you miss, its essential information.

When you have key events coming up, the plan will be tailored to allow you to peak for the event and optimise your form at the right time. Likewise, the plan will be adjusted in the event of any illness or injury.

On an ongoing basis, we will review your progress against the plan, retesting your fitness where necessary and adjusting the plan as your fitness and goals progress.

Communication is key – we need to know how you’re feeling, if work is stressful, if you really dislike a session etc so please add comments and feedback after the session and also message us if you are unable to undertake a session for any reason.


Coaching Packages


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 "Jet Pack"

Have a specific event coming soon ? 

Special Birthday or Christmas Present ?

Why not do our "Jet Pack" bespoke 8 week training plan ?

Just a one off fee of £100

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Level 1 Package

Ideal for those starting out in coached training

  • Basic Training Peaks account required (its free!)
  • Heart-rate monitor or power meter required
  • Training plan updated monthly
  • Includes basic bike fit

£50 per month (plus £30 start-up fee), three-month minimum period
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Level 2 Package

Ideal for those looking to take their training to the next level

  • Premium Training Peaks account required
  • Heart-rate monitor or power meter required
  • Training plan updated monthly and adjusted accordingly
  • Includes annual training plan periodisation and tapering for major events
£75 per month (plus £30 start-up fee), three-month minimum period
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Level 3 Package

Ideal for those already competing, or who want to compete at a higher level

  • Power meter required

  • Training plan updated weekly and adjusted as required

  • Includes annual training plan periodisation and detailed planning and tapering for events

  • Includes pacing and strategy modelling

£100 per month (plus £30 start-up fee), three-month minimum period

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